Theory group

The theorists at APC have a very broad range of interests. Their research is both closely linked with observations and focused on fundamental theories. A summary of the main research interest is given below.

For more information, see the lab's activity report (2017-2021)

Main scientific interests

String theory and holography

  • Holographic description of QCD and strongly coupled phases of matter
  • Emergent gravity and the Self-tuning of the cosmological constant
  • Holographic Renormalization Group of QFTs on curved manifolds

Quantum Field Theory

  • Quantum Field Theory in curved spacetime
  • Conformal methods for fields in curved geometries
  • Interacting fields in de Sitter space
  • Integral quantization of geometries
  • Nonabelian gauge theories and confinement


  • Early-universe cosmology and primordial black holes
  • Dark energy and modified gravity
  • Inflation and cosmological perturbations

Gravity and cosmology

  • Gravitational waves
  • General relativity and modified gravity theories
  • Gauge gravity


  • Neutrino physics
  • UHE neutrinos
  • Cosmological neutrinos at the epoch of big-bang nucleosynthesis
  • Low energy weak interaction and neutrino physics
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Intergalactic magnetic fields
  • Multimessenger astrophysics