Journée des doctorants APC - 2015

1st session (10h00-11h15) Theory   introduction (Maxime)
  Alexis Helou from black holes to cosmology
  Jibril Ben Achour Thermodynamics of black holes form Loop Quantum Gravity
  Wenliang Li Holographic RG flows and effective actions
  Mauro Pieroni Renormalization Group techniques for inflation
  Maxime Guilleux quantum field theory in curved space-time
  Andreas Tresmontant From Gribov copies to the mass of gluon
Break (11h15-11h30)    
2nd session (11h30-12h30) gravitation   introduction (Yann)
  Yann Bouffanais Gravitational waves and detection of compact binaries in our Galaxy
  Eleonora Capocasa Direct detection of gravitational waves with the advanced Virgo interferometer
  Lucile Fayon Design and development of an interferometric readout for seismometers
Lunch (12h30-13h30)    
3rd session (13h30-14h45) Neutrino & AHE    
  Paolo Agnes Direct search for dark matter with Darkside
  Adrien Hourlier Fast Neutron Measurement with DCTPC
    introduction (Ileyk)
  Simon Bacholle photodetection for space based study of UHECRs with JEM-EUSO and EUSO-Balloon
  Aera Jung Search for significant background fluctuations in the EUSO-Balloon data
  Ileyk El Mellah From Roche-lobe overflow to wind-accretion : a journey to the eye of the storm
Break (14h45-15h15)    
4th session (15h15-16h30) Cosmo   introduction (Mikail)
  Mikhail Stolpovskiy Detecting CMB B-modes from primordial gravitational waves with QUBIC
  Cyrille Doux Cross-correlation of LSS and CMB cosmological probes
  Camille Perbost TES arrays for the CMB B-modes detection
  Ranajoy Banerji Future CMB missions and Map Making
  Davide Poletti The mapmaking problem in the POLARBEAR experiment
  Julien Peloton The Polarbear experiment: data analysis from the first observational campaign and beyond


Mardi, 14 avril, 2015 - 00:00

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