Discovery of cluster and proto-clusters at z>1.5 with Euclid: cosmology and the study of their galaxy population


One of the major challenges in the field of galaxy formation and evolution is to understand how early-type galaxy (ETG) star formation is quenched in the first epoch of their assembly. Euclid ( imaging and spectroscopy observations give us the opportunity to answer this question as never before.

The context of this PhD thesis are Key Projects accepted for the exploitation of observations with the Euclid space mission. The first part of this PhD thesis will focus on simulations of combined data from the Euclid space mission and Vera Rubin Observatory/LSST surveys. When the the first Euclid data and the LSST observations will be available  the PhD candidate will apply the techniques developed for the simulation analysis to real data.
We will discover new clusters and protoclusters at z>1.5, compare our discoveries with cosmological simulations, and study the evolution of star formation rates and morphology of their galaxies.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you are interested in this thesis subject. M2 students with very good average grades (for example >~ 14/20 in France, >~110/110 for Italian thesis) and who are willing to start an internship with me in the Spring will have the priority. This thesis subject has been submitted for obtaining a CNES co-fund grant.


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