Journée des doctorants APC - 2017


1st session (09h30 - 09h45) Antoine Kouchner General Introduction
2nd session (09h45 - 09h50) Neutrino Han Yang (2') High precision neutrino oscilaltions
3rd session (09h50 - 10h30) Cosmology Murray Calum (2') Preparing the Euclid dark energy survey with clusters.
  Verges Clara (2') Searching for primordial GWs with the next generation of CMB polarization observatories
  Alessandro Traini Multi-chroic detectors for observing the cosmic microwave background
  Van Tuan Bui The two-point correlation function of Planck SZ and the simulation to study the systematics effects of photo-z in the context of ESA’s Euclid mission
Break (10h30 - 10h45)    

4th session (10h45 - 11h50) Theory

Part 1

Moreau Gabriel (2') Quantum fields in curved space-time
  Tangy Marchand Using Post-Newtonian technique to study compact binary systems
  Frédéric Lamy Some aspects of non-singular black holes
  Leandro Silva Pimenta Multi-field holographic RG flows
  Maeleger Jan 2+1 Heavy Quark QCD Phase Transitions in Massive Landau-DeWitt Gauge
Lunch (11h50 - 13h20)    

4th session (13h20 - 14h05) Theory

Part 2

Félix Julié Two-body problem in modified gravities : an effective-one-body approach
  Amélie Chatelain Neutrino propagation in the presence of non-standard interactions
  Jewel Ghosh Holographic RG flows on curved manifolds
5th session (14h05 - 15h00) Gravitation Arene Marc (2') Resolving relativistic compact binaries using gravitational waves
  Matthieu Laporte Data analysis of an electro-optical simulator and contribution to LISA system studies
  Bayle Jean-Baptiste Simulating a space-based gravitational detector
  Bacon Philippe Wavelet-based searches for gravitational wave detection

6th session (15h00 - 15h45) AHE

Part 1

Chen Si Design and Development of Radiation Hardened Application-Specific Integrated Circuit for the Next Generation X-Ray Space Observatory ATHENA
  Chuard Dimitri Unveiling the past of the Galactic nucleus with X-ray echoes
  Demidem Camilla Magnetohydrodynamical simulations of the resonant corrugation of a fast shock
Break (15h45 - 16h00)    

6th session (16h00 - 17h00) AHE

Part 2

Grégoire Thimothée Search for neutrinos from the Galactic Plane with ANTARES
  Spir-Jacob Marion Pulsars at very high energy
  Phan Vo Hong Ming The origin of cosmic rays
  Thanh Hien Phan Design, development and in-flight exploitation of IGOSAT satellite payloads for measuring the radiative content on low-earth orbit and in the ionosphere

7th session (17h00 - 17h15)
Physique des Energies

Thomas VOURC'H Slowdown of the surface diffusion during early stages of bacterial colonization


Mercredi, 15 novembre, 2017 - 09:30 to 17:15

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Amphi Pierre-Gilles de Gennes
  • Journée des doctorants

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