Journée des doctorants APC - 2016

1st session (09h30 - 10h00) Antoine Kouchner General Introduction
J-M. Colley/M.Souchal Présentation des moyens de calcul du FACe
1st year PhD Introduction (2' each)
2nd session (10h00 - 10h45) Neutrino Simon Bourret Oscillation de neutrinos et tomographie terrestre avec le détecteur sous-marin ORCA
  Thibaut Houdy Mise en évidence du neutrino stérile à l'aide d'une source au Ce144 près du détecteur Borexino en Italie.
  Theodoros Avgitas Optical modul test in watertank for neutrino telescopes
Break (10h45 - 11h00)    
3rd session (11h00 - 12h00) Cosmology (Part 1) Pierros Ntelis Homogeneity Scale of the Universe
  Ranajoy Banerji Containing Systematics in CMB Polarisation Experiments
  Alessandro Traini Détecteurs multi-fréquences pour l’observation de la polarisation du rayonnement fossile
  Van Tuan Bui Study the large-scale structure of the universe using galaxy cluster
Lunch (12h00 - 13h15)    
3rd session (13h15 - 14h15) Cosmology (Part 2) Duc Thuong Hoang Optimization of the next generation of Cosmic Microwave Background Satellite mission
  Cyrille Doux Cross-Correlations of CMB and large-scale structure cosmological probes
  Benedetta Nodari Intelligent systems for par1cle detectors in environmental applications and High-­Energy Physics
  Leonidas do Prado Search for Compositeness in the Physics of the Higgs and related dark matter candidates
  Anton Bogachev et Sergei Lapin Intelligent signal and data processing for the next generation of new large instruments: study of real time signal flow reduction schemes
4th session (14h15 - 15h30) Theory Amélie Chatelain Propagation des neutrinos dans les environnements astrophysiques
  Tangy Marchand Modelling compact binary systems with Post-Newtonian theory
  Frédéric Lamy Black hole horizons
  Leandro Silva Pimenta Gauge-Gravity duality and the Renormalization Group
  Félix Julié Ondes gravitationnelles et Théories Tenseur-Scalaire
5th session (15h30 - 16h45) Gravitation Lucile Fayon An interferometric readout for planetary seismometers
  Matthieu Laporte Exploitation d'un simulateur électro-optique et contribution à l'analyse système d'eLISA
  Eleonora Capocasa Direct detection of gravitational waves with advanced Virgo
  Philippe Bacon Wavelet-based search fro gravitational wave detection
  Yann Bouffanais Parameter estimation of compact binaries coalescence with Virgo
Break (16h45 - 17h00)    
6th session (17h00 - 18h15) AHE Timothée grégoire Search for neutrinos from the Galactic Plane with ANTARES
  Léa Jouvin "Origin of the VHE cosmic rays excess in the central 100pc of the Milky Way"
  Dimitri Chuard Impact and Feedback of the Galactic Supermassive Black Hole on the Central Molecular Zone of our Galaxy
  Thanh-Hien Phan Design, development and in-flight exploitation of IGOSAT satellite payloads for measuring the radiative content on low-earth orbit and in the ionosphere
  Aera Jung Implementation of the first level trigger of JEM-EUSO: results of the first tests


Jeudi, 10 novembre, 2016 - 09:30 to 18:15

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Meeting room 454A Luc Valentin
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